Adrian Latimer left university in 1982 not knowing what to do and ended up in insurance broking. He moved to Paris in 1991 and became risk manager for a major multinational in the energy industry.  But his passion has always been fishing, since his uncle first taught him how to cast a little Mepps spinner on the lawn as a kid.  Business takes him all over the world, and sometimes with a rod in the luggage too. Having fished in Iceland, Montana, Argentina, the Caribbean, Russia and lots of Europe, and written short articles for commercial fishing magazines, he started to write stories purely for his own pleasure in the 1990s.  At that stage, friend and real author Bruce Sandison commented that he was in fact writing a book, and the idea took form.

Wishing to do something for conservation, Adrian decided to write the book for the North Atlantic Salmon Fund and worked with Orri Vigfusson until his untimely death (Adrian is a director of NASF France). Three books were self-published, have raised over  Euros 21,000 and are now sold out. Adrian has published three books with Medlar -
River at the End of the World, Fire & Ice and Searching for a Rise - Fishing in the Shadow of Great Anglers. All his royalties are donated to NASF and the Wild Trout Trust.

Adrian lives outside Paris with his wife, daughter and two step children.

Non-Medlar titles by Adrian Latimer:

A Celebration of Salmon
(as co-editor 2007 - North Atlantic Salmon Fund. Jepsen & Co)

Northern Tails - An Icelandic Fishing Odyssey
2003 (self published)

Paradise Found - Travels with a Fly Rod
2002 (self published)

Wild Fishing in Wild Places
2001 (self published)