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Beverley Ronalds

Dr Beverley F. Ronalds began her engineering life at the University of Melbourne and became an academic at Imperial College London. From there she joined the international offshore industry, working on the design, construction and installation of petroleum production platforms. This led to her appointment as the Woodside Professor of Oil & Gas Engineering at the University of Western Australia – located in the loveliest petroleum capital of the world. Her next move was to Australia’s national science laboratory, CSIRO, where she led a large research, development and demonstration programme to accelerate cuts in Australian greenhouse gas emissions and transition to clean energy. She is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering and has been named as one of Australia’s most influential engineers.

In her retirement, the subject of her publications has switched from engineering to family history and she has written a series of biographies on her forebears. She particularly enjoyed getting to know her great-great-grandfather Alfred Ronalds, and also his brother Sir Francis Ronalds, who was an important influence for Alfred and helped him in researching and writing The Fly-Fisher’s Entomology (1836). She now understands much better the origins of her rather prominent ‘Ronalds nose’ and other lingering family traits. Sadly, she does not eat trout.

Bev and her husband still have a base in Perth, Australia, but enjoy spending time in England with their grandchildren. Other interests include walking, exploring different places, and photography.