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Bob is one of very few Atlantic Salmon fly tyers in Australia and has been tying flies since he was 12 or 13 years old. He began tying trout flies to earn money even before he left school at fifteen - and has has tied professionally on and off ever since. During that time he dabbled with salmon flies, mainly simpler patterns because some materials were hard to come by.

When he moved to his current address, he met and became good friends with a pheasant breeder - and along with his introduction to the world of the internet, tying salmon flies became his top priority. The more he got into the swing of it, the more interested he became in the history of older flies, which have become his main interest these days - especially after reading about William Blacker and all the tyers before him. He lives in a quiet part of the world with his ever suffering wife, and when he’s not tying wonderful salmon flies he watches the local birdlife, from eagles to cockatoos, parrots and many smaller species.