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J. W. Martin, better known as the ‘Trent Otter’ is one of angling literature's best-loved anglers. Martin wrote often about fishing in the Trent, Derwent and many other Midland rivers. Perhaps one of the greatest of all-rounders, Martin depicts a gentle way of fishing in My Fishing Days and Fishing Ways as he pursues pike, perch, trout, barbel, chub and other species.

Martin was also a great champion of the working class angler as this extract from Barbel & Chub Fishing shows:

‘The pocket of the working-man angler has been constantly before me; he has not much money to buy an expensive outfit, nor yet for every fresh fad or fancy, that are being constantly brought out to wheedle his hard-earned cash from his pockets. The principles I lay down are those of economy, based upon a practical knowledge and experience, extending through many years, and under peculiar advantages. I have not the least hesitation in saying, that a careful study of this part of my subject, will be a saving to the angler of many shillings during a single season.

‘I am one of yourselves. For many years I worked, as boy and man, in the fields, the factory, and the workshop, and close to such well known rivers as the Witham, the Trent, the Bedfordshire Ouse, and various other streams and broads in different counties, and have had opportunities of fishing in the company of some of the most expert angler on those rivers. My trade as a fishing rod maker, has also brought me in contact and communication with fresh-water fishermen from the four quarters of the kingdom. These are great advantages, and have enabled me to study the craft from many and various standpoints.’

Other titles by J. W. Martin include:

Days among the Pike and Perch
The ‘Trent Otter’s’ Little book of Angling
Coarse Fish Angling