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The Mayfly and the Trout



Malcolm Greenhalgh is both a naturalist and a fly fisherman. After reading biological sciences and researching estuary ecology for his PhD, he lectured for sixteen years before becoming a freelance writer on his fortieth birthday (in 1986).

Although Malcolm has fished in many far-flung corners of the world, he still enjoys pottering about in his own rivers and lakes in north-west England (and his fortnight at mayfly-time on Ireland's Lough Erne), and he is proud to be the Vice President of the best fly-fishing club in the region, Bowland Game Fishing Association. He has written over twenty books and has contributed to a wide range of magazines, including Waterlog.

When not out in the countryside with his fly-fishing rods, nets and binoculars, Malcolm enjoys growing fruit and vegetables, cooking and eating good food, and drinking good wine. He hates the rudeness and ignorance of so many modern Englishmen (and women), cats that shit on his vegetable patch, and most politicians and (un)civil servants. He loathes only one thing, he says: the present Labour government.

His book The Floating Fly was, he always said, his last fishing book and one that he always wanted to write, having long been a dry-fly fisherman. Since then he has written The Mayfly and the Trout, which proves that he still has much of great interest to say about fly fishing and fly dressing, and his fishing autobiography Casting a Line.

Other titles by Malcolm Greenhalgh include:

Trout Fishing in Rivers 1986
Lake, Loch and Reservoir Fishing 1987
The Wild Trout 1989
The Birdwatcher's Year 1999
The Fly-Fisher's Handbook: the natural fly and its imitation
    (with Denys Ovenden) 1998 and 2005
The Complete Salmon Fisher I - Life of the Salmon 1996
The Complete Salmon Fisher II - Salmon on the Fly 1996
The Salmon and Sea Trout Fisher's Handbook, with Hugh Falkus 1997
The Complete Book of Fly Fishing 1998
Freshwater Fish 1999
The Atlantic Salmon (with artist Rod Sutterby) 2005
Flavour of Lancashire 2006
Guide to the Freshwater Life of Britain and Northern Europe (with Denys Ovenden) 2007
The River Ribble: the history and natural history of a river (due late 2007)