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Maurice Ingham is known for his association with Dick Walker and for the book of letters between the two of them, Drop Me a Line (1953). It was a correspondence triggered by a letter from Maurice, then an unknown angler, to Dick Walker at the Fishing Gazette.

In the 1950s, Maurice Ingham, along with Richard Walker, was one of the new breed of specimen hunters, focusing, like Walker, on carp. He was one of the founding members of the Carp Catchers' Club - and was responsible (with the help of Peter Rogers)  for the publication of its Rotary Letter, The Carp Catchers' Club. His favoured water was Woldale (Benniworth Haven) and it was this magical place that inspired him to write, and illustrate, the book of the same name Woldale - a book, which for many, epitomises, the carp fishing of this important time in angling.