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Professor Stanley Salmons has published over three hundred papers and several books in the fields of medicine and biomedical engineering. He contributes actively to the real world of research as Director of the British Heart Foundation Skeletal Muscle Assist Group, as a peer-reviewer, and as a member of the Editorial Boards of Journal of Muscle Research & Cell Motility, Basic and Applied Myology, and Medical Engineering & Physics. He is currently Emeritus Professor in the Department of Human Anatomy and Cell Biology at the University of Liverpool.

However, he is also a keen writer of fiction, an activity in which he is able to draw from his experience of a broad range of science (he has a combination of first and further degrees in Physics, Electronics and Communications, Physiology, and Anatomy). Professor Salmons’ book, Alexei’s Tree and Other Stories, is a collection of twenty-three stories, featuring science fiction, fantasy, humour and crime. This book is dedicated to the author’s late cousin, David Baum, who died of a heart attack at fifty-nine while taking part in a charity cycle ride. His Medlar book A Bit of Irish Mist is for all those who are lovers of fishing, Ireland and all things Irish. It is a collection of short stories and is beautifully illustrated by Scott Adkins.

Titles by Stanley Salmons include:
A Bit of Irish Mist 2005
Alexi’s Tree and Other Stories 2004
Footprints in the Ash:A Pompeii Mystery (2008)
NH3 (2013)
The Man in Two Bodies (2014)
Canterpurry Tales (with M. Preston) (2014)

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