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Terry Lawton is a passionate fisherman who fly fishes for trout and pike and grayling when the opportunity arises. He has had articles published in leading UK magazines, including Fly Fishing & Fly Tying, Trout and Salmon, FlyLife in Australia and Flyfishing & Tying Journal in the USA and is a contributor to the on-line fly fishing magazine Fish & Fly ( 

He has fished a number of times in Sweden - including north of the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland - for trout, Arctic char, grayling and pike. He ties all his own flies and enjoys building fly rods from time to time.

His first book, Nymph Fishing, A History of The Art and Practice was published in 2005. His most recent book, Fly Fishing in Rivers and Streams, was published in 2007. He researched and wrote all the copy for an inter-active Fly Fishing Journal and the Fly Fishers’ Logbook which was published in 2008. He enjoys the challenges involved with researching books and the satisfaction to be had when something unexpected is discovered.

In his 2010 book, Marryat, he traces the history of one of the finest fly fishers of all time - the man who, according to Halford, father of the dry fly, taught him everything he knew about tying flies. Marryat was friends with Halford, Francis Francis and William Senior - but because he was reluctant to write he has received less attention than he deserves. Here, for the first time, are the results of meticulous research that provide extraordinary insights into his life and times - from his early days fishing in Dorset, to his army life in India, adventures in Australia, his entomological research and fly tying, and the many hours spent trout fishing with the famous 'quadrilateral'.

He lives in Norfolk with two pretty black bitches and his Swedish wife. He is the secretary of the Bintry Mill Trout Fishery on the river Wensum. In 1999 he caught his biggest UK fish there: a wild brown trout that weighed 4lb 2oz, on a home-tied, copper head Sawyer Pheasant Tail nymph.

Oh, the bitches! One is a Border x Patterdale terrier and the other a Patterdale.