Tweed book a bestseller


Bill Quarry's Salmon Fishing and the Story of the River Tweed has certainly created some interest - it must have been at the top of many salmon fishers' Christmas lists. It's not surprising - it's a stunningly beautiful book as well as containing everything the angler needs to know about the Tweed. Here are just some of the press comments:

'Arguably the greatest salmon system in Europe, the River Tweed . . . is practically 98 miles long and flows through fabled borderlands steeped in lore and rilled with blood - small wonder that it has attracted authors, from Scott to Buchan, and piscatorial zealots, such as that effervescent Victorian William Scrope. But it has been many years since an entire volume was devoted to its liquid history and, now, William Quarry's compendious book has admirably risen to the challenge . . . I have fished these waters since 1969 and yet learned much from the book, not least from its informative records concerning fluctuating runs of fish.' - David Profumo, Country Life. (The full review is available to view on the Country Life website.)

'This is the best fishing book I have read for a very long time. The culmination of eight years of research by the author . . . it is a masterpiece . . . there is much wisdom and food for thought here and I defy any salmon fisherman, no matter how long he has fished the Tweed, not to benefit from the author's experience, which so far has given him more than 1,000 fish to his own rod . . . Excellent photos, descriptions of every beat from source to tide (including Tweed tributaries), together with their best fishing heights, best pools and much, much more make this book indispensable for both seasoned and prospective Tweed fishermen . . . I cannot praise this book too highly. If it doesn't become a classic among fishing books I will eat my fly-box.' - Sandy Leventon, Trout & Salmon