Reviews for The Angler in Scotland


Some great reviews for Keith Harwood's Scottish anthology - The Angler in Scotland. These reviewers know a thing or two about fishing in Scotland.

'[an] eclectic and judicious new compilation . . . Critics of anthologies love to carp about what's left out . . . but here the well-read Keith Harwood has deliberately excluded most of the usual suspects . . . Notably he has included several passages about northern coarse and sea fishing, which less frequently see the light of day. Of the three-dozen extracts in this book, the liveliest are those period pieces that combine drama and immediacy with a deep sense of pleasure and leisure . . . . Not all are red-letter days . . . and many a fish gets away (not least Henry Lamond's which slithers from its package down a hill in central Glasgow). There are also historically unrepeatable triumphs, as the elegant Patrick Chalmers recalls 13 salmon from one pool on the North Esk or Stephen Johnson - writing from Stalag Luft III - quietly evokes the lost dusks of his boyhood among sea trout of Coruisk . . . Voices I scarcely knew included Maj Ashley-Dodd (who visits Tweed as 'a very dicky cripple' during the First World War) and Dugald Macintyre, whose Hebridean companions assume he knows how to poach because he's a mainland gamekeeper . . . John Colquhoun, the canny laird of Luss, is another author worth resurrecting, as is that charming old Victorian, all rounder William Senior . . . This is definitely a volume to give your host when you next head north' - David Profumo, Country Life (August 2015)

'The Medlar Press was not established until 1994 but has already shown that it has the reputation of publishing some of the best fishing books and this current volume is no exception. What is unusual and fascinating about this book is that it combines so many aspects of coarse and game fishing from carp to pike and salmon to trout. It is a superb anthology from various sources and will appeal to any fisherman who has or does fish in Scotland.' - Ray Collier, Highland News